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For the past 25 years, The Community Enterprise Centre has been serving the people of Derby in the areas of skills and enterprise development with tens of thousands of people benefiting from these services.

With an ever-increasing demand for advice and support in starting up in business and request for assistance in growing a business, we have decided to launch ‘The Small Business Hub’ to serve the business communities of not just Derby and Derbyshire, but also encompassing the Midlands area small businesses, especially start-ups and micro businesses in their first few years, may struggle the find and advise and support they need to put down the roots to grow with strength and success. Many businesses are struggling, and business owners are often stumbling along and lacking the support and knowledge and access to resources that can help them to turn their businesses around and get onto the path of being profitable and successful.

The Vision of The Small Business Hub is to provide space, facilities, programmes and access to high quality resources to see business birthed, strengthened, resourced and business owners succeed in this current economic climate and building resilience into small businesses to continue to grow for decades to come!

This three-month workshop programme is the first in a series of programmes that we are pleased to be developing to serve the small business community and help us to realise this Vision of The Small Business Hub.

We have a superb range of 12 workshops which will help small businesses gain up-to-date knowledge and skills from practitioners who special inĀ  their fields and themselves are running and growing their own businesses. There are many decades of combined knowledge and skills in this programme and all delivered in an affordable price range and the newly refurbished facilities at The Community Enterprise Centre in Derby.

Over the next three months it our hope to see many small businesses access this high-quality programme and gain the knowledge and skills that will see those businesses grow and succeed!

I look forward to seeing you at a number of the workshops and events in this programme.

Kind regards,

Jaz Greer
The Small Business Hub